WizardWorkz Established 1997 in Tampa Florida


Here is what our clients are saying:


"The image that WizardWorkz created for us was exactly what we were looking for and needed"

Susan Shellberg


"We started our company with 3 people and a web site and in just 2 years we have grown to over 30employees. WizardWorks has been instrumental in helping us achieve our growth."

Turner Earnest, President
Constitution Mortgage Company


"I could go on almost endlessly about how pleased I am with your services. You are such a pleasure to work with and you guys are my heroes. Since, as you know, I have very little knowledge of how the web site and our web-based "client module" works.... it is just all magic to me. We at Cooke Real Estate School had worked with another programmer prior to meeting you, and at times I was so frustrated because of his "tech" talk. I would tell him what we needed, and he would provide us with his "better" version. We couldn't seem to be on the same page at the same time. So after almost a year of long hours and many dollars, we put the whole project on the back burner. When Frank Cooke (Owner of Cooke Real Estate School) met up with you and told me we were going to attempt the project again, I almost panicked. WELL, once I met the WizardWorkz team and we spoke about the needs of the school administration, I realized that you knew EXACTLY what we needed. Your insight and knowledge is amazing to say the least. Sometimes I e-mail a request to you, trying to explain what I need, knowing full well I'm not making any sense, and you respond with a quick reply stating "We can do that". You usually have my request fulfilled that very day, or you let me know when it will be accomplished. Because of your knowledge, experience and guidance our web site and our administrative program (database) continue to improve - becoming very user friendly. It truly is magic to me and you are the wizards that make it happen."

Many thanks,
Dee Thomey, Administrator
Cooke Real Estate School


"The unique perspectives and creative designs of WizardWorkz have been instrumental in helping us become established in the USA. The continued enthusiasm and commitment of Virgil and his team have given the necessary impetus to bring the project from a fledging idea to a successful reality using the power of the net."

Rodney Peyton Consultant Surgeon UK


"Great job WizardWorkz with my web design and search engine work. We get many compliments about the web site and ease of use. Thanks!"

G. Mewhirter - Owner
Premier Signs


" I feel privileged to have found WizardWorkz. WizardWorkz has helped Red Door to project a professional business image. My potential, and existing customers now benefit from their creative work. Whatever my request is, it's completed in a timely fashion. I have no problem recommending WizardWorkz to anyone looking for a professional and hassle free web site and/or graphics design firm."

Patrick Owens - Owner
Red Door Home Services


"Thanks to WizardWorkz our web site is really paying off. We not only get a lot more traffic but we get a substantial amount of new clients from our web site. The staff of WizardWorkz is always helpful and very prompt when we need them."

Martin Wathen
President, Wathen Accounting, Inc.


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